Career Clues

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Global Service Desk Engineer

Click on the Start Button below to begin the process.  These assessments an evaluation system that measures an individual's personality, cognitive reasoning and attitudes.  The system is designed to help determine several factors: job skill fit, employee job engagement, employee engagement in the field, and attitude assessment.  Understanding these key performance indicators aid us in hiring the most qualified candidates and developing our employees while staying EEOC compliant.

On the next screen, please enter the required information to create an account for yourself or use the information you received in the email invitation to login.  Once your account is created or you login, you will be taken to the Take Assessments page.  Click on Take Assessments.

You will first be asked to set the language you prefer - English or Spanish.  Then, you will be asked some demographic questions.  These questions are optional.  However, they help us better understand our workforce.

Finally, you will see a sample page of how the first assessment will look.   When you have completed the first set of questions, you will be taken on to the second.  Next, you will be taken to the third and final set.  Read the instructions for each section carefully.  One set is timed at 7 minutes.  The other two allow unlimited time.  The total time to complete all the sets should be approximately 15-20 minutes.

Thank you!